Welcome to PesaMoja

The Group Money Manager

A mobile application for any kind of Group that pools funds together for a common objective.

You may be putting together funds as a Group for a wedding, a party, last respects, baby shower, land purchase, investment fund, association, merry-go-round, etc.

Whatever the Group objective, PesaMoja will help you maintain Group finances transparently, effectively and collabotatively.

Members of your Group can view both their own statements and Groups financial records from their phone. They can also view your Groups' bank statements and bank reconciliations done by your Treasurer. Now, that's really cool.

With PesaMoja you can be moneywise, keeping accurate records, producing reports and statements on demand. You can chat together as a Group about your private money affairs; or break out into chat-rooms if you have Committees or special purpose teams.

When you download PesaMoja, you will be delighted to find that you can define your own Group objectives, determine the type of Members of the Group - e.g. friends, relatives, work colleagues, etc. - and even invite them to the Group right from the App.

Once you start using the App, you can set your financial targets, rules of operation, contribution cycles, etc. You can record your Group Assets and produce both income and expenditure statements, as well as your Group Balance Sheet.

PesaMoja is packed with features you will love. Once launched, you will be able to Download from Google Pay Store and start your social or investment Group.

To participate in the BETA version and be among the first to experience PesaMoja, write to:  first2know@pesamoja.com 

PesaMoja Group Money